My first blog

Hey guys this is my first Blog entry.
Sitting here listening to Michael and Nikko.
"Michael stop trying to bring Tim into the conversation." -Nikko
"I will punch you!" -Nikko (to Michael)
"No sex for meat-eaters!" -John
"Nikko took my phone privileges away." -Michael
"No sex for meat-eaters!" -Michael (probably quoting John)
"My come is milky and white. It would mix right in with Cow's Milk." -Michael
"You think this is a *uc*i*g joke?" -Nikko
"Are you blogging this?! These death threats?!" -Michael

I notice that their relationship seems fundamenally unhealthy.
I wonder how much longer it can possibly go.
They appear to have made up, however the cease-fire seems tenuous at best.
I remain an observer.
Nikko just hit Michael.

"She likes to hit!" -Michael (I notice he winked at me)
"No it's not Tim's Blog, it's Tim's Vlog, you're a joke!" -Michael

They are now watching my Magic Grow Mega Grow Turtle Unboxing Video.
I'm worried they won't make it all the way through. They're starting to lay hands on each other now.
"Vegan dicks!" -Michael
They dropped the phone while watching... Could be the first iPhone casualty of Tim's Vlog! #excited.
Turns out the phone was fine.

They never looked at this blog. Oh well.